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House Finders Needed - Help Your Community and Make up to $2,000 a Month! See Before and After Problem Property Photos Below: Before                                     After



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Finding Abandoned or Distressed Residential & Commercial Properties That We Will Buy!


If you find them we will pay you up to $500...START NOW!


Completely Confidential

If you know of any unkept, distressed or abandoned properties in your neighborhood (and/or owners who might want to sell them) - and you would like to earn an extra $100 to $500 - all you have to do is complete the short form that follows, submit it to us, and we'll do the rest - while keeping your identity completely confidential!

If it turns out that we purchase the property you find, we will be happy to give you a finder's fee that could be as much as $500, depending upon the property's ultimate value to us. The absolute minimum you will receive, however, will be $100, if we are successful at closing your referral. That's a minimum of $100 for each and every purchase you send our way!

If we buy it, we will pay - no matter how many properties you find or how often you find them! So why wait? Do your family, your neighbors, your community and your bank account, a big favor - and do it TODAY!

Simply complete the form below, submit it to us, and we can transform that problem property down the street, or around the corner, into a marketable masterpiece that you and your community can be proud of.

Your neighbors will thank you because you will have helped them protect their property values. The sellers would thank you too, if they knew you made the referral (but we promise we'll never tell) because you will have helped them solve their real estate problem, while saving them a hefty sales commission in the process.

And we will thank you as well - but with something much more substantial than a handshake and a smile!



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Note: Sending a photo may help us evaluate your property more quickly and therefore reduce the buying time.  This means you may get paid faster! (Optional)

Instructions for : Please send a separate email using the send photo button. Click on Insert and use the attach file option when sending the email to attach the photo to your email. Be sure to put the address of the property in the body of the email as well as your contact information.